APRIL 16 - 22, 2023



national volunteer week

Since the 60s, we celebrate National Volunteer Week to highlight the significant role volunteers play in Canada. The annual celebration is a time to thank, recognize, and recruit volunteers from coast to coast to coast. This year’s theme, Volunteering Weaves Us Together, highlights the importance of volunteering to the strength and vibrancy of communities through the interconnected actions of volunteers.

As we appreciate volunteer contributions, we are excited to launch a new process to develop a National Action Strategy for Volunteering.


Why do we need a National Action Strategy?

We know that the volunteer landscape is changing and that how we engage volunteers also has to change. We know that we need to enhance existing supports and structures to meet the moment and rise to new challenges and opportunities.

That’s why we are developing a National Action Strategy for Volunteerism. We need shared tools and resources that will support the many different ways people contribute. A National Action Strategy will be an anchor for the next generation of inclusive participation and volunteering in Canada.


When I became the Executive Director of Volunteer Victoria I inherited a sticky note. It read, ‘even if you are on the right track, you will get hit by the train if you sit still.’ At the time I thought it was a strange gift. Today, as I reflect on volunteerism post pandemic, I am reminded that our sector holds on to some ideas about volunteerism that have not kept pace with the speed of change. The principles and practices that underpin volunteering are robust and current, but the carriages and tracks that moves volunteerism forward at the right speed and in multiple directions have aged, become impractical, and are too rigid to meet the many competing needs of communities in transition.

We cannot lead if we have no direction. Sitting still is not an option.


Volunteer Canada hosted a series of consultations across the country, and we want to build on these discussions by including an online consultation.

Let us know what you think by answering a few questions. Your thoughts will help guide the development of the National Action Strategy. 


Volunteer Canada will use the information collected to draft a report on how to develop a National Action Strategy and what it should include. The report will be a roadmap for creating the Strategy with our partners in government, as well as the corporate and non-profit sectors.

Thank you for your time and input. If you have any questions, please email Chad Lubelsky, Volunteer Canada VP Strategy, at

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